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Wholesale Light Bulbs

HGS UK Trading Limited are distributors of wholesale light bulbs. We can supply a huge range of branded light bulbs wether that be incandescent, vintage, halogen, CFL or LED bulbs and tubes. 

HGS UK Trading Ltd are proud to offer genuine wholesale prices as we buy direct from manufacturers including Status, Energizer, Eveready, Duracell, JCB, AA, and Panasonic. 

Our account customers include wholesalers, retailers, electrical contractors, building contractors and property owners. We can also accept one off orders.

Retailers should not miss out on stocking the ever in demand product that is light bulbs. Whether you are looking to swoop in and sell the end of the very popular and very lucrative incandescent light bulb range or you want to support the movement towards energy efficient lighting and LED bulbs we have the options for you.

Get in touch and apply for your trade account here.