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Transform Your Home to LED Lighting!

Did you know.... The average 3 Bedroomed Semi-Detached house in the UK can save £350 per year by switching to LED lighting?

What would you do with an extra £350 a year?

With Britelite Direct switching to LED bulbs isn't as expensive as it used to be and we are proud to offer this amazing deal:

When you buy 15 or more LED bulbs to transform your home we will give you FREE Royal Mail 24 Hour delivery and also an extra 10% off your total shop. 

Use code TRANSFORM at the checkout

Remember our LED bulbs have a 5 year warranty, 25,000 hour life span and are an investment you won't find anywhere else. 

Click here to start shopping and invest in your future.


*based on a 10w LED bulb replacing a 60w incandescent, 14p pkwh and 17 lightbulbs.