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Advantages of the LED Candle Bulbs vs Incandescent

Posted by Harry Sharman on

Advantages of the LED Candle Bulb vs Incandescent Candle Bulb

The LED candle bulb offers substantial advantages over the incandescent candle bulb. Let’s discover how and why.

With energy costs being so expensive these days, it’s important to look for ways to reduce energy consumption. This is actually far easier than you may think. Just by replacing all the light bulbs in your home with LED bulbs will ensure that your household is being far more energy efficient.

We all know that incandescent bulbs can deliver the type of lighting that we have been using over the last few decades. Although they are what we at one time favoured, there are now far more environmentally friendly and energy efficient options on the market today. Not only do these newer style technologies deliver excellent light but they cost less to run by burning cooler and lasting far longer.

In fact, whether you want to replace incandescent candle bulbs or even just replace CFL (compact fluorescent lights) you can save as much as 50% off your energy costs. They will light your home in a comparable manner but you won’t be paying out so much for that lighting.

Let’s compare other benefits of LED candle bulbs over incandescent candle bulbs.

The first point that you should know is that the LED candle bulb does not get hot, unlike the incandescent candle bulb. This means that you’re not wasting energy in the form of heat.

LED candle bulbs are also easier on the eye. They are not pumping out infrared rays or ultraviolet rays which makes more comfortable for the eye to see. They are also better at converting energy into light, so that less power is required to produce the same amount of light.

One thing that you may notice is that the LED bulb costs more than the incandescent candle bulb, however, in the long term, they will save you more than just pennies. Not only do LED candle bulbs use less energy than their incandescent cousins, but they have a significantly longer operating life. They can last for up to 25,000 hours of continual use compared to just 1000 for the incandescent bulb. The CFL (compact fluorescent light) may last up to 8000 hours.

In summary, the LED candle bulb provides far more advantages when it comes to lighting. Isn’t it time you got some?

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