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Save Money and Energy with LED Bulbs

Posted by Harry Sharman on

Save Money and Energy with LED Bulbs

Our customers find that the biggest benefits of using LED bulbs is their durability and how surprisingly energy efficient they are. These bulbs can last for years requiring virtually no maintenance. LED bulbs are manufactured as a compact package with a plastic lens enclosing the light source. By not using a tube or a filament, the life of LED bulbs is significantly extended. In addition, you won’t find any mercury or even any other toxic material used in the unit which is what helps when it comes to protecting the environment.

Being small and easy to install, home owners appreciate the fact that they are do not have to be visible. Some sources state that they can last up to as long as 100 times more than the traditional incandescent bulb, using far less power whilst illuminating substantially more brightly. This equates to less expense.

When it comes to incandescent bulbs, the brighter a light, the higher wattage it uses to achieve this. In LED bulbs, brightness and output are measured in lumens. Most people opt for a warm white bulb for the dining area, kitchen and living room use. Whereas a cool white bulb is preferred in rooms such as the office and other professional environments. Any application that needs low power but high efficiency is an ideal opportunity to use the LED bulb. For example, Christmas lights, torches and traffic lights all use this LED technology.

Overall, LED bulbs offer an alternative to lighting technology such as halogen, compact fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. They do not emit any UV rays which can eventually fade floor coverings and furnishings. They also remain cool to touch even when in use, due to not producing infrared radiation.

You can choose from a variety of LED bulbs shapes including standard bulbs, candles, golf ball and spotlights, depending on what your purpose is. If you would like to brighten up a large area, then you may opt to use a number of smaller MR16 GU10 bulbs.

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