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LED BULBS in 2016 - Lumens Explained

Posted by Harry Sharman on

Manufacturers of light bulbs are being forced to move away from the traditional energy consumption description of lamps and towards the use of the lumens scale which measures the light output of a lamp. The lumens scale replaces the wattage rating such as the traditional 40 Watt and 60 Watt with a 3 digit number.

Traditionally we have always bought light bulbs in the amount of energy they consume and not the amount of light they give off. Now we need to start thinking in lumens. On our website we show both the lumens value and also the traditional wattage equivalency however in the next few years this is set to change as the whole industry is transformed.

Here is a simple guide for buying your new LED Bulbs:

25w equivalent LED Bulb = 275 Lumens 

40w equivalent LED Bulb = 470 Lumens

60w equivalent LED Bulb = 810 Lumens

75w equivalent LED Bulb = 1055 Lumens

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