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Incandescent phased out to pave the way for LED Bulbs

Posted by Harry Sharman on

March 1st 2016 saw the final loophole closed on the phase out of incandescent light bulbs. This banned all rough service light bulbs being imported into the UK. Although they can still be sold if already on European soil they are no longer allowed to be manufactured and imported.


This ban is paving the way for LED bulbs with some retailers already reporting sales to be outstripping the ever popular incandescent bulbs.


LED Bulbs are being promoted by the EU for their energy saving abilities alongside their longevity and monetary savings for conusmers.


LED Bulbs are a perfect replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs as they fit into all original sockets and come in the complete range of shapes and sizes including LED Candle Bulbs, LED Spotlights, GU10 LED Bulbs, LED GLS Bulbs and Round LED Bulbs.


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